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Excellence in work safety practices and responsible environmental practices

Forage ASINII Drilling has proven track record to demonstrate that we have de capability to deliver a high-standard quality services in the competitive diamond drilling industry as a result of the commitment of our high-skilled team.

Our activities are guides by principles based on sound business ethics and responsible environmental practices. A priority is also given to high standards in work safety practices to encourage an injury and hazard free environment for our employees, colleagues and fellow citizens.

Our goal is to provide safe, efficient and productive exploration drilling services to completely satisfy the needs of our clients.


Our corporate and guiding principles

  • Compliance to global and sustainable development practices while providing:
  • Excellence in quality services
  • Excellence in work safety pratices to reflect a safe working environment
  • An emphasis on performance
  • Work environment promoting teamwork and effective leadership
  • Recognition as an employer of choice based on culturel diversity