• Exploratory drilling (Surface & underground)

  • Exploitation drilling

  • Reverse circulation drilling

  • Injection drilling (grout)

  • Helicoptered drilling

7289260 Canada Inc operates under the name for Forage Asinii Drilling since 2010. Diamond drilling is our core business, principaly in the exploration domain and more recently related to exploitation underground business. We also offer specialized drilling services (injection drilling) that are necessary on hydro electric dams renovation. We also support geophysic and helicoptered drilling.

Our established customer are mostly the mining and construction industry, in Quebec and Ontario. During the two first year, our customers were related to the Quebec mining industry. In 2012, we were hired for the first time in Ontario. Since then the mining market industry has been like a yoyo, without any real signs of return.

Our employes are mostly drillers, mecanics, foremen, labourer added to the management team with the general and operational managers, the financial and information technology controlers, and the administrative personnel.